Monday, March 30

U-N-I: A Love Supreme [DOWNLOAD]

The wait is over. U-N-I and Ro. Blvd present A Love Supreme, the album. For you, for free. Interesting tidbit, the name A Love Supreme was originally an album by the legendary John Coltrane, and considered by many jazz enthusiasts to be one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. It's one of the those albums that transcended music, and change the face of an entire genre, only to influence musicians for generations upon generations. I'm not trying to gas up this UNI project for you, but I'm just saying...sometimes the dots connect for a reason.

Thurz and Yo are the homies, and we're mad proud of you guys. I've witnessed first hand how hard you've worked, and how far you've come with this music. It's mad inspiring. Congratulations. You guys deserve all the success that lies ahead. For real, for real. One love. OK, enough of the sappy shit, download some music.


Link courtesy of UNI's new website, Bookmark that shit.

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