Thursday, April 30

The Making of Liquid Swords.

Waxpoetics has a real dope article with the GZA/Genius talking about the making of his classic album, Liquid Swords. He even goes in detail about each of the 13 songs. It's a real dope read, my peoples.

The year was '95 and the first generation of Wu-Tang solo projects was gripping fans globally. And for his part, GZA never did waste ink and has shown a penchant for writing since Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and his debut, Words From The Genius. Even in a year of memorable releases, Liquid Swords' rhymes coupled with RZA's cinematic beats stood tall, furthering Wu-Tang's dominance to this day.

Thirteen years later, Liquid Swords continues to age well and is a stellar case of quality '90s hip-hop. Here for the first time ever, GZA talks about the making of the heralded classic, breaking down the album track-by-track and allowing insight into vital era in which it was made.

What was your writing process like at the time?
Real slow. I don't say slow in the sense that it necessarily took me a long time to finish what I'm writing. I mean, Raekwon and Ghostface can step in and record a song in about forty-five minutes. I on the other hand, would often go back and finish rhymes that I started. I would say I pieced things together [more] slowly then. Songs generally take me two to three days to write. Sometimes I take different sentences and put them together.

For a few tracks on the album I remember, the beat would be running and it'd be four o'clock in the afternoon. We'd be smoking and you know how weed takes its toll on you. I'd just get tired and sit in the same spot all day. I'd take a nap, hang out, nap later, woke up and finish a track. RZA would leave and go to the city to handle business. He'd come home hours later and I'd still be writing same shit I started when he left [laughs].

Check out the full article over at Waxpoetics.

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