Monday, April 20

[NEW] Asher Roth (ft. Slick Rick) - "Y.O.U."

Here's the U.K. Bonus cut from Asher's album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, which is in stores today. I'm interested in to see how well this kid's album does, and how the masses respond to him. I can't tell. I'm so fully entrenched in the hip hop community, it's hard to get a global and mainstream view on certain artists. All I know is that this Asher Roth dude has a ton of hype built up around him, and he does have talent, and he does remind me of Eminem, and he does have commercial appeal, and he does have an angle, and he is white. So, with all those variable taken into account, all signs point to success. Let's see how this plays out. I think it all depends on his album sales, and more importantly, his second single. WHERE IS IT? We need another video, stat.

I'm probably gonna cop it just because. That's it, no reason, just because. I work for Hip Hop Official. It's my job. Plus, I can write it off, suckas.

[DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth (ft. Slick Rick) - "Y.O.U."]

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