Thursday, April 23

[NEW] Eminem - "3 A.M."

Here we go. New single from Marshall Mathersand his upcoming album, Relapse. This one if pretty crazy. Em mentioned in his interview with Angela Yee that he tried to make his flow different on every song. This is definitely different. Shady steps inside the mind of an insane and delusional psychopath to tell the tale of his brutal serial killings. Think Buffalo Bill. Very uplifting.

He does a weird accent thing with his voice that bothered me at first, but it actually works. Especially if he's telling the story from another perspective. I had to listen to this about 5 times straight before I picked up on all the nuisances. Technically speaking, Em is still on another level. The inflections and flow are marvelous.

[DOWNLOAD: Eminem - "3 A.M."]

Courtesy of Rap Radar.

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