Wednesday, April 15

Raekwon Explains "The Purple Tape"

At the Rock The Bells Press Conference I had the chance to chop it up with the god, Raekwon regarding his thoughts on the upcoming tour and some of the artists he'd be sharing the bill with like Crooked I (of Slaughterhouse). Of course, Only Built For Cuban Linx (OG and Part 2) came up in the conversation, but I didn't want to ask him the same generic questions about it. Since I'm a lifelong Wu fan, I asked him a question that I've wanted to know since 1995:

Why was the original Cuban Linx tape purple?

Rae goes in on how they came up with the idea and how it's been tied to the album forever. Being a true WU fan, Crooked I throws out his own questions for Raekwon in this East meets West interview. This is some behind the music shit right here.

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