Wednesday, April 15

Kanye x NBA Playoffs.

Here is Mr. West's official "Amazin" NBA Playoffs ad campaign. I caught this the other night, and I was impressed. The song is a perfect fit. The NBA's slogan is "Where Amazing Happens." It was only natural. I was just joking the other day when I was at the Laker game, that if I were a rapper I would make event specific songs for specific instances just so that they would use them in commercials, promos, and sporting events...and the royalty checks would roll in forever. Instead of playing the BEP's "Let's Get It Started" every time a basketball game jumps off, they would play my hit song "This Basketball Game is About To Begin." I'd have a football, baseball, and even hockey remix. The options are endless. And it would really make a lot of editors and advertisers jobs a lot easier. Rappers, get at me.

But this is really well done. Shout out to the ad wizards who came up with this one. Dave Chappelle was right, everything does look better in slow motion.

The NBA Playoffs Laker's Championship run starts this Saturday.

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