Tuesday, May 19


Without question, Busta Rhymes is a Hip-Hop legend. He's took the game by storm back in 1992 as he stole the show on the historic "Scenario" posse cut. I mean, his verse stills stands up to today's standards, and I've never met anyone who can't quote a line from his verse And he continues to do it to this day. The Bussa Bus has a brand new album dropping today, appropriately titled Back On My B.S. In a recent sit down interview after a show in L.A., Busta opens up about how he never wants to retire and still rocking out a the ripe old age of 65. Why? Because he loves Hip-Hop. He also explains the god-like feeling he gets from being able to move the crowd and make em say some shit he thought up in his crib over a bowl of cereal. That's power.

Enjoy the interview...

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