Wednesday, May 6

Banksy's Coming To Dinner.

...or is he? One of my favorite artist's of all time, Banksy, is more known for being unknown than anything else. The British graffiti street artist is notorious for satirical and often controversial, if not thought-provoking, stenciled works of art that pop up across the world without notice. Whenever a new piece appears, the world goes crazy. However, nobody seems to be able to identify this famed artist. Until now...


Check out the trailer for the upcoming film, Banksy's Coming To Dinner. The basic premise is that actress Joan Collins and a group of friends are getting together for a dinner party to meet the anonymous, and infamous artist Banksy. Called “a film within a film” that “questions the very nature of ‘reality’ at every level”, the film is a strange kind of mock-documentary. Or mockumentary if you will. And while the word on the internets is that it’s all a hoax (it’s not the real Banksy in the movie), the bizarre nature of the film is intriguing.

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