Tuesday, May 19

Basicali - "I Choose You: EP" [DOWNLOAD]

We all know there are tons of albums of from noteworthy dropping today. But before you go cop Eminem, Busta Rhymes, or Red & Meth, you need to download this album. The big homie Basicali just dropped his EP titled, I Choose You, presented by Acrylick Clothing. It's feel good, uplifting music that actually has some substance and a message. I know... different right? Not to mention the dope ass beats. Plus, you can bump this joint in front of your Momma and she'll be feeling it. What's better than head nodding mothers? It's also FREE, that's what.

It's a perfect way to kick off the summer in Cali style.



1. I Choose You
2. Second Chance
3. Fuck Pluggin That Dumb Shit
4. Get Free
5. Roses

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