Friday, May 15

Eminem Bonus Tracks.

Here are extra specials tracks from Eminem's upcoming album, Relapse, which hits stores next Tuesday, May 19.

This first one is Marshall trying to exercise the demon that is his psychotic and drugged-addicted alter ego, Slim Shady. Interesting. And a little twisted. Eminem vs. Slim Shady, the final showdown.

Eminem - "My Darling"

The second track is Em addressing all the rumors circulating his hiatus, drug addictions, relapse, and haters. This album is definitely Em digging deep into his inner-self and writing from his heart. It's gonna be twisted, deep, heartfelt and at times difficult to listen to. I really don't know what to expect from it, except Em pour his soul out on the tracks.

Eminem - "Care For What You Wish For"

Courtesy of Mr. X

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