Thursday, May 14

Common To Join The A-Team?

Rumor has it that rapper/actor/cologne salesmen Common is set to join the cast of the movie version of the classic 80's tv show, The A-Team. (Sidebar: The A-Team was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a little lad. I wanted a black van likes theres until I realized only pedophiles drive vans. And their TV theme is one of the top 5 TV Theme songs of all time. )

Ok, back to the blog post. Common. Right, he's being rumored to play the role of the legendary B.A. Baracus, who we all know was played by Mr.T on the O.G. show. That's an interesting role for the laid back Common, who also said that he can't do the mohawk... but they'll "work something out." Wait...what? No mohawk? That's his signature. That's like Slick Rick not rocking gold chains, MF DOOM not rocking his metal face, or DMX not getting arrested. Come on, can't play B.A. Baracus without the mohawk, foo!

(We've gone ahead and through advanced computer technology made a composite of what Common would look like if he, in fact, could do a mohawk. And it looks a little like this.)

The movie is being directed by Joe Carnahan, who also directed “Smokin Aces” which featured Common. Word is Carnahan personally wanted Common for the role. Word? Personally, I always thought Ice Cube would be perfect to play Mr. T, but that's just me...

Or is it?

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