Tuesday, May 12

[VIDEO] Mos Def - "Casa Bey"

Here's the first video from Mos upcoming album, The Ecstatic, which drops June 6th. Are we really getting a new album from The Mighty Mos? Seriously?

There's a pretty interesting back story to this track. It's a song based on a sample of Banda Black Rio’s “Casa Forte” with Mos doing his mile-a-minute word dance over top. The story behind the beat has it that on a recent trip to South America, Mos linked up with well-known Brazilian rapper MV Bill, who gave him a tape with “Casa Forte” on it. Impressed by the track, when Mos came home, he turned to DJ Preservation and Dante Smith to flip it up into a new beat, forming the instrumental. Shit is proper.

See, you can learn something from this blog.

Dope video too. By the end of it, my screen is filled with words. Word?

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