Tuesday, June 16

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Mayer Hawthorne.

Say hello to Mayer Hawthorne. This dude is creating one of the the most unique buzzes in the hip hop game right now with his fusion of 1960's Motown soul, Do Wop, R&B and a splash of classic break-driven hip-hop. It's so refreshing, because nobody...and I mean NOBODY...is on this steez. Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mayer Hawthorne a.k.a. DJ Haircut a.k.a. Andrew Cohen is making retro soul cool again. Thanks to Peanutbutter Wolf, who signed Mayer to Stonesthrow Records, we will see an album in early Fall.

The lead single, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" had the internets going crazy, and nobody seemed to know what to think. Everybody was asking the same question: Who is Mayer Hawthorne? Well, we got your answer right here. In the interview, he talks about how the Mayer Hawthorne character came to fruition and discusses where he'd like to see him go.

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