Tuesday, June 9

Mos Def Live on David Letterman.

Ok, now this is dope. The Mighty Mos perfroms his song "Quiet Dog" on Late Night with David Letterman, and he's actually playing the timpanis while rhyming. I've seen Mos a handful of times, and he's never done that. In fact, he's barely even gotten out of bed. One time I saw this cat perform in a bathrobe, and no not some Hugh Heffner or Ghostface type shit, I mean a white bathrobe that he probably stole from the hotel he was staying in. I'm just saying.

Mos pretty much kills this performance. His new album, The Ecstatic, is in stores today. Honestly, I'm actually feeling the album. I'm even surprised that I'm feeling the album. Pretty Flaco has pretty much disappointed me with his slew of half-assed releases. It's his best work since Black On Both Sides. I highly suggest you give it a spin.

Video courtesy of RapRadar.

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