Thursday, June 25

[NEW] Shawn Chrystropher - "Untitled"

Here is the lead single from Shawn's upcoming album, A City With No Seasons. I've had this joint in my iTunes for a minute, but Shawn finally gave the green light to release it to the masses. Here's what Shawn has to say about this jammy jam:

The reason why the song is untitled is because it’s a love story, and I felt if I gave the song any kind of “love” title it would already be looked at as ‘cheesy’ and ‘predictable’ before anyone got a chance to listen to it. So this way, people get to judge the song solely based on its production and lyrics (as they should anyway). Sort of like reading a book with no cover or synopsis on the back, just you and the art


Shawn has some big things poppin, so it's time to take notice. This week he is being featured on MySpace. And next week he'll be the Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week. That's what's up.

[DOWNLOAD] Shawn Chrystropher - "Untitled"

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