Thursday, June 25


I mean, it's only right...I am wearing my Southernplayalistic shirt today. But for real, for real...when I first heard this joint back in 1993, I was blown away. I actually remember where I was when I first saw the music video, sitting in my dad's living room watching Rap City over the summer. That shit changed my life.

I had never heard any rappers from Atlanta. it was all so new to me. These cats were talking about some ill player shit. The music was incredible. Fonky. Something to ride to in your Cadillac. These cats painted pictures. And it wasn't just what they were saying, it was how they were saying it. The style was so laid back and effortlessly cool. I naturally gravitated towards it. I wanted more. A few months later, I copped their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and was hooked. To this day, Outkast remains one my top 3 favorite groups of all time, and I can honestly say their first 3 albums rival ANYBODY'S first 3 albums. Ask somebody.

So with that being said, we take it throw it back to where it all started....The Players Ball.

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