Tuesday, July 7

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Shawn Chrystopher.

Hailing from the City with No Seasons, a.k.a. Los Angeles, Shawn Chrystopher is set to break out big. Claiming to be "more than a rapper" is often times a cliche thing to say, but with Shawn you know it's the truth. After receiving a substantial co-sign from streetwear giant L-R-G, and gaining steam from his two previous mixtapes; IWG: I Wear Glasses and IWG2: I Told You So, Shawn's debut album drops this August. It might be a little different from what you would expect from your typical L.A. rapper. And that's just the way Shawn wants it.

[BONUS] download his first single "Untitiled" right here. Stay tuned for more from Shawn, and also check out his blog.

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