Thursday, August 27


We get to do some pretty cool shit here at Hip Hop Official. For real, for real. One of my favorites is our "In the Lab" series where we link up with producers, and they discuss production techniques. This is some all access, behind the scenes type-stuff; Exactly what every true hip hop fan is looking for.

Well this time around, we got to enter the lab with one of the dopest beatsmiths in the game. This cat is a beast, and extremely slept on. Besides behind one of Dr. Dre's in house producers, he's also laced beats for Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Nas, Fabolous, Slaughterhouse, Talib Kweli, Evidence, The Game, Xzibit, Cypress Hill, and Raekwon. You know, just to name a few. His latest heatrock is the jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, neck-breaking, patty-cakin monster he made for the Clipse - "Kinda Like A Big Deal." Khalil showed us a step-by-step breakdown of how he constructed the beat, and gives a little back story on how the Clipse and Kanye turned it into an instant classic.

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