Monday, April 28

Papoose Getting Sued

New York rapper Papoose is being sued by a Brooklyn volunteer ambulance service. Why you ask? Great question, this is hilarious.. Evidently Pap requested the services of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps and the use of their ambulance for what he claimed was a video shoot about how the EMTs help the community and save lives. However, Pap deceptively used the footage for his music video “Ambulance,” in which he disses fellow rapper Uncle Murda and claims he will shoot him and put him in the back of an ambulance where he will die slow. You gotta love the ignorance of some of the these rappers. Rocky Robinson, the co-founder of the ambulance corps said "I would never knowingly let someone use this ambulance corps as a stage to peddle his words about murdering somebody." He continued to say...get this...”Papoose probably doesn't have much, but we'll sue anyway.”

Haha, now that's gangster.

Here's the video:

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