Thursday, May 29

Lil' Wayne Hates DJs, Loves Himself

I heard this yesterday, and it just popped up on YouTube. Foundation magazine, which is based on the Mixtape game, was interviewing Weezy and they asked him about mixtapes. He threw a tantrum, started buggin out and then proceeded to end the interview. As he stormed out, its reported that he threw a magazine at the interviewer's face. And this is the greatest rapper alive?

How is this dude gonna say "Fuck mixtape DJs?" If it wasn't for mixtapes, this dude would barely have a career. That's how he made his mark and got the following that he has today. i just don't get it. This is some typical big-headed, high-and-mighty, ego-tripping, rapper bullshit. Put down the syrup, Dwayne.

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