Thursday, July 24

[NEW] The Game (feat. Lil Wayne) - "My Life"

Ok, there are 2 versions of this song. One has an extra third verse where game talks about Proof (RIP). Evidently, he caught some heat from the first version because people thought he was taking shots at Eminem. So Game went back and took off the final verse for the radio version.

In a statement from The Game:

When I originally wrote the song “My Life” I was trying to think back on events that affected my life and how they changed me. When I first got signed to Aftermath and G-Unit I was exposed to so many different people from Dre to Em to 50 to Proof. I always identified with Proof. We were always cool and he would reach out to me when ever I was going through something I remember when Proof died vividly and now every time I think about going to Detroit I get depressed. That is what I was trying to say in that verse and the more I looked at I realized that people would take it the wrong way…the way they are taking it now that it leaked. So I decided to change it so that this bullshit wouldn’t happen and now it’s happened anyway. For the record, this is not the version on my album, this is not the version that radio will get and this is not the version that I just shot the video to. Furthermore, I apologize to anyone who took this the wrong way as that was never my intention.

Weezy's on both records, but just provides the singing for the hook. Sorry.

DOWNLOAD: The Game (ft. Lil Wayne) - "My Life" (Extended Version)
DOWNLOAD: The Game (ft. Lil Wayne) - "My Life" (Radio version w/ no DJ)

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