Monday, August 25

[NEW] T.I. (feat. Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne) - "Swagger Like Us"

The internets have been buzzing about this song all weekend. Four of the heaviest hitters in the game on one track, talking about how dope they are, complete with a heavy synth Southern beat and a hook featuring an M.I.A sample from her track, "Paper Planes".

Who wouldn't be happy about this song?

Well, T.I., that's who. The song is featured on his upcoming album, Paper Trail, which drops on Sept 30th. It was one of the premier records on his album, and Tip wants to know how the hell it got to the internet.

"That's some bullsh--," a disappointed Tip told MTV News. "I'm beating down the Internet as we speak. Don't ruin the event. Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That's like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it's time, I'mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream ["Like I Do"] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I'm not used to it."

Well, Clifford, you better get used to it real quick. It's not going to change anytime soon. In fact, music will be free before we know it, so you might as well adapt and embrace the situation. Sometimes a leak like this can actually HELP your record sales. (Right, Weezy?)

DOWNLOAD: T.I. (feat. Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne) - "Swagger Like Us"

In an unrelated note, can we please stop using the word "Swag" to define someone's credibility like it holds weight in their emcee abillity. That shit is down right ridiculous. Thank you. [/soap box]

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