Thursday, March 12

Throwback Thursdays.

I kind of stole this idea from the homie Eazee and Thurz (from U-N-I), but fuck it. I haven't seen that shit copyrighted yet, so until they send me a cease and desist notice, I'mma keep it rolling. Every week, I'll throw up an old school or nostalgic video. Sometimes, I'll go waaaay back. Other times, just a few years. You'll never know. Every week will be a brand new mini-cinematic adventure. So hop in the DeLorean with me, and let's take this bitch to 88 MPH.

I set it off with a classic track from the Rawkus vaults circa 1999. The High & Mighty's " B-Boy Document" featuring Mos Def and Mad Skillz. This song got crazy play in my CD player. But ironically, I can't remember ever seeing this video until today. Thank you, YouTube.

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