Tuesday, May 26

Beastie Boys x The Roots.

Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D were on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon last night, and you know what happens when rappers appear on that show, right? Hopefully you've been paying attention thus far. The Brooklyn trio perform "So Watcha Want" live with the Roots backing them. This is butter. These guys are older than some of your parents and are STILL killin it.

The Beastie Boys also announced that their upcoming album, the first since 2007’s instrumental effort The Mix-Up, will be titled Hot Sauce Committee. The trio, which has a slew of festival dates lined up this summer, appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night to talk Hot Sauce and the Check Your Head rerelease. They also mentioned that Hot Sauce will be out sometime in September and that parts of the album were recorded on a submarine inside Paul Allen’s yacht. Now that's jiggy.

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