Tuesday, May 5

The Kid Daytona - The Daytona 500 [Mixtape]

Presented by Mick Boogie, featuring production from Double O of Kidz In The Hall, 6th Sense, Ill Mind, Jet Audio, and The Government. I don't think it's the actual government, like Obama or Nanci Pelosi, wasn't in the studio of this one, but an actual producer dude is named The Government. I know it's confusing, but try to follow along...

Here's the tracklist:

1. The First Lap
2. The Wings {prod. 6th Sense}
3. The Body {prod. Ill Bomb}
4. The Engine {prod. Double 0}
5. The Navigation {prod. Jet Audio}
6. The Take Off (Flight) {prod. The Government}
7. The Pit Crew *BONUS TRACK* feat. Outasight, Harlem’s Cash, 6th Sense {prod. 6th Sense}


Shout out to 6th Sense.

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