Monday, June 1


Since it's the start of the 6th month of the year, it's only right that 6th Sense sets it off as our first Artist of the Week for June. But it goes beyond simple mathematics... 6th is nice, yo. The NY rapper/producer is killin the game right now, and everything that he touches seems to break necks. Although he started rapping first, lately he's been making a name for himself with the beats, working with everyone and their momma including Outasight, The Kid Daytona, Mick Boogie, UNI, Donny Goines, Cook Classics and Evidence...just to name a few. The resume is too extensive to put it all here, and quite frankly you don't have enough time to read it all. But if you're not familiar with the music, it's time to heighten your awareness take notice of 6th Sense.

After the video, download yourself some tracks and thank me later.

[DOWNLOAD] U-N-I - "Stakes Is High" (Revised) (prod. by 6th Sense)
[DOWNLOAD] 6th Sense & WIldabeast - "What Up (Eye Know I'm Nice)"
[DOWNLOAD] 6th Sense & Wildabeast - "Arcade Fly" (Remix ft. Donny Goines, Buff1, U-N-I & Fashawn)

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